Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Andrea Dworkin, R.I.P.

From The Guardian: Andrea Dworkin, embattled feminist, dies at 58
Andrea Dworkin, the radical feminist activist and writer best known for her campaigns against pornography and her love of outsized dungarees, has died at her home in Washington DC.

The author of more than 13 works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, Dworkin died peacefully in her sleep early on Saturday morning after a long battle with illness, said her partner and collaborator, John Stoltenberg. She was 58.

Famous for her outspoken positions on a range of issues from male-on-female violence, to rape and sexual intercourse, Dworkin's uncompromising stance brought fierce criticism not only from liberals, concerned at her attempts to pass laws against pornography, but from feminists.
I read her book on pornography years ago. She was extremely gifted in her ability to establish meaning and context with the simple vulgarity, "F*#K". Ms. Dworkin was half right, which brought her 50% closer to the truth than most liberals. (Hat tip Sploid)