Sunday, April 10, 2005

Slip, Sliding Away

Muzzy, of Blogizdat, reprinted an editorial from LifeSiteNews which includes this quote:
'First you kill those who want to die,' forewarns the American Catholic ecumenist Dr. Bill Cork. 'Then you kill those whose family wants them to die, then those where one family member wants them to die, and then those whose families want them to live. Finally, you kill those who want to live but who get in the way of the state.'
Keep this in mind as you read this story (via Doug At Bogus Gold):
85 year-old Mae Margourik of LaGrange, Georgia, is currently being deprived of nutrition and hydration at the request of her granddaughter, Beth Gaddy. Mrs. Margourik suffered an aortic dissection 2 weeks ago and was hospitalized. Though her doctors have said that she is not terminally ill, Ms. Gaddy declared that she held medical power of attorney for Mae, and had her transferred to the LaGrange Hospice. Later investigation revealed that Ms. Gaddy did not in fact have such power of attorney. Furthermore, Mae's Living Will provides that nutrition and hydration are to be withheld only if she is comatose or vegetative. Mae is in neither condition. Neither is her condition terminal.
Read the rest of the story and Doug's commentary. Additional information and commentary by Doug can be found here and here. This story may have a better outcome as Doug chronicles here.