Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Keeping Canadian Crime Canadian

On Toronto's crime problem:
Blaming the United States because Canadians are shooting other Canadians was a complete and utter waste of the American’s ambassador’s time, time that could have been better spent discussing serious issues like trade.

David Wilkins, diplomat that he is, said after the meeting that keeping American guns out of Canada is a "shared responsibility". The ambassador added that according to his information is that most American guns that make their way to Canada are brought into the country by Canadians. Hmm. It is doubtful that either McGuinty or Miller ever even thought of who is actually bringing these guns into the country.

After the private meeting was held, McGuinty made the absolutely inane comment that the U.S. Congress is not likely to ban handguns any time soon. Well, so much for Canada trying to pawn off our problems on another country.
This trail started with More guns from the US.