Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Maybe We Should Kill The Messenger

Aleksander Boyd, no friend of Hugo Chavez, comments on P. Robertson's bloviation:
London 23.08.05 | Leftist talebans the world over are celebrating their utter infallibility this morning; the unsubstantiated claims of assassination plots to kill Fidel Castro's poodle have been confirmed by one Pat Robertson. From this day onwards they shall boastfully say "our great leader Chavez was right; the US is out to kill him as confirmed by the statements of Bush pal, and covert CIA agent, Pat Robertson..."

. . . . .

Robertson remarks shall be placed in equal footing with the 2.156.876 assassination attempts 'uncovered' by the Cuban dictator in the last 46 years and the 15.897 ones made, to date, by his Venezuelan bitch.