Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Raising The Red Ensign Standard

Red Ensign Flag
There is a Canada that remembers a weltanschauung that is embodied in a different flag. For them, the flag of Canada is still the Red Ensign. The writers who love that Canada have formed the Red Ensign Brigade and periodically raise that flag as a reminder, a battle standard and, sometimes, as a lament. All these elements seem to be present in the introduction to the Red Ensign Standard Volume XXVlll, hosted by The Last Amazon. Short of including the entire introduction, I shall defer to the judgement of Darcy from Dust My Broom, who highlighted the following passage:
We live in a land whose geography leaves its imprint upon our character early in life, and we were a nation forged and tempered by war; from the Plains of Abraham, to Vimy Ridge, to the beaches of Normandy. Freedom meant something beyond an existential definition which is all the value we place on freedom today. Here’s the new Canada’s truism; I am less free today by law than I was in 1985. In 2005, freedom is now measured by the quantity of law and by-laws that weighs down and restricts our daily existence.
There is a common struggle around the world. Read the

The Red Ensign Standard

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