Thursday, September 29, 2005

What Has He Been Smoking?

From The Independent:

FBI Was Told John Lennon 'Too Stoned' to Start a Revolution
It was apparently with much relief that the FBI had a sudden revelation about the former Beatle John Lennon, back in 1972. For months the agency had been fretting that the singer-turned-activist was preparing to disrupt the Republican National Convention in Miami. Then somebody said it: Lennon was far too stoned to be a real threat.

The moment when the FBI concluded that pot had got the better of the late rock star is recorded in one of a myriad of files on deceased celebrities released by the U.S. government this week under freedom of information statutes.
Who would have thought that John Lennon dope smoked . . . er, that dope John Lennon thought who smoked . . . uh, smoking dope, Jon Lennon thought . . . Oh, never mind.