Sunday, November 21, 2004

Reading The Local Talent

1) The very prolific Muzzy at Blogizdat waxes elequent on topics cultural and technical. The following caught my eye:

a) Snoop-Talk: "Somizzle an Englizzle tizzle wizzle cry thizzle to slizzle tonizzle!" (Somewhere, an English teacher will cry themself to sleep tonight!) No doubt Muzzy also knows where to find a Klingon Translator.

b) Geek Stuff: This is why I listened when he said "Mozilla".

c) Mind Out of Time: Muzzy has been reading Mencken again. Read this post and then proceed to #2 below.

2) Sola-Man at Solablogola catches Ms. B. Spears (a future Poet Laureate) In Flagrante Delicto. (Nudge, Nudge - Wink, Wink!)