Thursday, December 02, 2004

A Spanish Travelogue

Our friends at ?No Pasaran! published a short article covering the testimony of Jose Maria Aznar before the parliamentary commission investigating the March 11 train bombings. This article pointed to two excellent sources.

The first is Barcepundit - English Edition. For those more linguistically accomplished than I, there is a Spanish edition. A summary of former Prime Minister Aznar's testimony can be found here. Further commentary and coverage from the day after the testimony can be found here. There is also a short post about the connection between September 11 and the Madrid train bombings. Posts are not limited to topics Spanish, with commentary on Kojo Annan and Iran's nuclear cheating.

Another source mentioned in the original article (and at Barcepundit) is Iberian Notes. Evidently written by an expatriate American, the topics range from politics to soccer. Evidently, Spain has football hooligans too. An excellent post on energy production and consumption, and their relationship to the possibility of energy blackmail can be found here. On the subject of former Prime Minister Aznar's testimony, you will find an excellent post here.

Both of these blogs have extensive listings of links which will require further investigation. The adventure has just begun.