Monday, January 24, 2005

The Dog Ate My Homework!

No, actually BLOGGER ate my post regarding MOB night. At that point I lost the will to live, much less to redo that post. (My wife wanted me to get on with preparing for the project mentioned below.)Go see The Impudent Finger, Solablogola, and Blogizdat regarding the evening. (Lesson re-learned: Save often.) My computer at home will be out of commission for several days while my floors are being refinished. Thus, posting will be light (instead of the normal "lightweight") for about a week. This post is coming from my work computer, a situation which is not condusive to any volume of posting (or spell-checking for that matter).

(Correction: The post referred to above is actually immediately below this one with Sunday's date, but not its title. It wasn't there Sunday after I published it, but it did show up Monday. Go figure.)