Friday, January 07, 2005

Travelogue: A Canadian Travel Service

I stumbled across The Blogging Tories while I was checking out my place (Crawly Amphibian) in the TTLB Ecosystem. (This is as close as I come to caring about sports scores.) The opening paragraph caught my eye,
Despite the fact that we have many great conservative bloggers, Canada's blogosphere lacks the depth and organization of our American cousins. The Blogging Tories is an attempt to centralize conservative Canadian blogs into one central list. Unlike the American electoral system, which is predictable in its timing, the Canadian blogosphere has little idea when the next election will be called. Many speculate that the current minority government will fall after the upcoming budget in March. If this happens it is imperative that Canadian bloggers band together to form a comprehensive and organized alternative to the liberal mainstream media.
This is their very attractive link button:

And then there is this and this. Great fun!

This all looks like a great place to start a tour of Canadian blogs. (I have linked to Ravishing Light before.) Next challenge will be to get Blogrolling to accept the button in my blogroll.