Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Meditations From A Mundane Mind, Part One

Senator Mark Dayton, very modern Presbyterian, preaches Hindu gospel to really modern Catholics. He asks the question, “If we’re so right, why are there so few of us left?” (Maybe it's lack of marriage, birth control, and abortion. Just a thought.)

Powerline starts us off with this analysis of a passage, but Powerline let The Honorable Senator off too easily. The website cited above gives his faith as "Presbyterian", which, I assume, means PCUSA. (I was orignally tempted to describe the good Senator as a "lapsed" Presbyterian, but then realized that nothing he says is inconsistent with the beliefs of the heirarchy of PCUSA.) In view of that, let us consider his statement:
"Our country has moved decidedly to the right. Our citizens, many are less involved. Our social system is less compassionate, government is less effective and liberalism is more distrusted....Where is God in the midst of all this injustice? I don't have a clue. I don't know if He, or She, or Whatever doesn't exist, died, is incompetent, doesn't care, is laissez faire, or has a master plan I don't understand."
He, evidently, proposes a multiple choice answer to his earlier question:

"He, or She, or Whatever:
  • a) "doesn't exist" - the "scientific rationalist" atheist answer
  • b) "died" - the National Council of Churches answer
  • c) "is incompetent" - the Jesus Project answer
  • d) "doesn't care" - the depressed adolescent answer
  • e) "is laissez faire" - the Arminian answer
  • f) "or has a master plan I don't understand." - the historic Reformed Presbyterian answer
The answer for our senior Senator is . . . . . . . agnosticism. (More courage of conviction in that choice.)

(Hat tip to Dayton v. Kennedy and Powerline)