Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sinn Fein On Intercourse With Ireland: NoThanks, We're Northern Irish!

Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned.

From Everything Ulster:
IN a new direction for the provisional republican movement, Gerry Adams today claimed that the southern Irish government had no right to meddle in the affairs of Northern Irish politics.

The BBC today reports that Adams condemned ministers of the southern Irish government for their "interference" after the Irish foreign minister, Dermot Ahern, toured South Down with sitting MP Eddie McGrady of the SDLP. The statement comes as Pat Rabbite is due to visit Londonderry to campaign with SDLP leader Mark Durkan and days before Irish Justice Minister Michael McDowell is to visit Belfast, also supporting the SDLP.

Get with it Gerry - you're just pissed because your 'brothers' in the Republic (and dare I say it, fellow republicans) are as disgusted with your guerilla war, criminality, petty bigotry and mopery as we in Northern Ireland are. You're just showing how out of step you really are with those you perceive as your own.

Sinn Fein's raison d'etre is to have the Irish government not just intervene here, but to rule Northern Ireland. To complain when they do so, just because they're promoting a party that isn't yours is the height of hypocrisy! Is it possible Gerry's going senile in his old age and is quickly turning into a Paisley type figure for the Republican movement? Will we see more gaffes like this one in the future? Oh I do hope so.