Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Battle For The Culture - The War Room

Nicol gives us a report on the current state of the film industry:
"For a community that says it is so culturally curious about all walks of life where are the stories depicting the plight of the millions slaughtered under Joseph Stalin? For every ten Hollywood love songs to Marxism/communism, where is the director who dares tell the story of those brave students who died in Tiananmen Square? How about an Oscar caliber film detailing the slaughter of the three million Polish Catholics killed in the Holocaust? For every story about how repressed America was sexually in the fifties, how about a film detailing the pure intellectual repression caused by leftist speech codes on modern university campuses?"
If you agree that "(h)earing Julia Roberts in Closer talk about ‘cum’ was about as shocking to someone my age as…hearing Julia Roberts talk about ‘cum’", then read DOSSIER # 5:DINNER AND A MOVIE ON A HOT SUMMER NIGHT?.