Monday, June 06, 2005

One Thing Leads To Another, Part 2

While following a link from small dead animals concerning the Earnscliffe scandal, I ended up at Plato's Stepchild. Reading further brought me to the post, For the Lukewarm Theist in Your Life. As that, all too often, is a description of me, I read it with great interest and reprint it here for your edification:
I will tread into dangerous, contested literary territory with this opinion. Several fine folk with whom I am acquainted believe that this book is too bleak and can lead one to question God's very existence. I disagree -- not because someone won't be led to atheism -- but because, as with Friedrich Nietzsche's polemics, this book confronts the debonair nihilist(to borrow a phrase from Flannery O'Connor) -- the Seinfeld, Friends and Curb Your Enthusiasm crowd -- with the logical culmination of their metaphysics, or lack thereof.

Brace yourself, this is as eerie a psychological and theological narrative work as pen has ever put to paper.
To what does he refer? "Silence" by Endo. He provides four links to reviews and additional information. I found this one to be the most informative.

Plato's stepchild has been added to my reading list. (See what he (or she) is reading here.)