Monday, September 19, 2005

Understanding The German Election

  1. From Davids Medienkritik: Official Provisional Results: Quagmire in Germany
  2. From the BBC: Merkel ahead in tight German vote
    CDU/CSU: 35.2% (225 seats)
    SPD: 34.3% (222)
    Free Democrats: 9.8% (61)
    Left Party: 8.7% (54)
    Greens: 8.1% (51)
    . . . . .
    Mrs Merkel is unlikely to be able to form her preferred coalition and may have to join with the centre-left SPD.
    . . . . .
    The CDU's intended coalition partner, the pro-business Free Democrats, did well with 9.8%, giving them 61 seats - but not well enough to secure a joint majority.

    The Left party, newly formed from disenchanted SPD members and former communists, took 8.7% (54 seats), and the Greens, Mr Schroeder's coalition partner, won 8.1% (51 seats).

    Turnout was 77.7%.
    . . . . .
    The economy was a key issue in the election.

    With sluggish growth and unemployment remaining above 11%, the two main parties have argued ferociously over the nature of economic reforms they both say are necessary.

    Mr Schroeder defended the labour and welfare changes he has set in motion, saying Mrs Merkel's more liberal proposals on tax and labour reform go too far.

    The two sides also differ on Germany's direction in the world.

    Mr Schroeder has joined France in trying to counter US global dominance, while Mrs Merkel said if she won she would mend fences with Washington.
  3. From Davids Medienkritik:
  4. From Captain's Quarters: Stalemate In The Bundestag