Monday, October 24, 2005

Lucidity In Ontario

From The Last Amazon: Ontario does it for the children

The Burning Issue that has put the Ontario Provincial Government at the forefront in the fight against AmeriKKKan hegemony?
“Now I want to make it clear,” Mr. Bryant said in a prepared statement. “Ontario does not automatically move in lock step with the U.S. on this or any issue.” He said the decision to harmonize the province's daylight time with the United States followed a review by a government committee into the potential impact such a move could have on Ontario. The committee found that any misalignment with the province's biggest trading partner could have a very real and negative impact, including trade disruption as well as creating border pressures.

The extra hour of daylight in the afternoon will also provide a much needed chance to encourage children to play sports outside, rather than watch television, after school, Mr. Bryant said. It could also reduce pedestrian injuries and fatalities, he added.
The Last Amazon comments:
Anti-Americanism can now be considered to be firmly entrenched in the Ontario psyche when the provincial government feels compelled to point out that just because we are following the US lead it should not be misconstrued as the government is in lock step on this or any other issue. No, Canadians are nobler than that because we are doing it for trade and our children.