Monday, November 07, 2005

Aptly Named: The French Intifada

small dead animals on the French "riots": French Intifada: Land For Peace!

Finally, the "riots" are called what they truly are. I heard on the radio today that French police had discovered a firebomb "factory". Suddenly, the events seem a little less spontaneous. Given French support for the Palestinian Intifada and the high level of anti-Semitism in France, one is tempted to say, "couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people." That response, however, would be uncaring and there are many of us who do care for the people of France. Uncle Ben is one of those who cares, and cares enough to suggest some possible solutions. Kate, on the other hand, advises discretion in the use of the term "Intifada" and states, "Of course, no one dares say such things out loud for fear of a French surrender."

Update: Read Paris is burning from Dust My Broom.