Saturday, November 26, 2005

Chimpfest 2005

Tim Blair announces CHIMPFEST 2005:
Chimpy McBushitler? Chimpron W. Hitlerburton? Chimperial pResident of ZioniKKKa, Abu Jesus W. Chimplerstein? Come forward with your own suggestions as we search for the ultimate chimp-themed Presidential slur.
I think the rules of the competition are self-evident. Feel free to study Democratic Underground as a primer. Plagiarism is not allowed, but non-original submissions with proper attribution will be allowed. One must remember, however, that even proper attribution does not meet the test under the Democrat interpretation of Fair Use. Anyway, Tim Blair had 261 submissions of varying quality when this missive was composed. Please make your submissions to Tim Blair or here and I will forward them periodically to Mr. Blair.