Thursday, November 17, 2005

Venezuela Watch 11/17/05

From CaribPundit: Cor blimey, mon! 5
Here's the case for Venezuela never having any kind of nuclear ability. Venezuela, which is south of TT, is claiming ownership of Bird Island, which is north-west of TT, and close to Antigua and Guadeloupe. Why? Oil. Moreover, Venezuela has sent military forces to occupy an outpost on the island which was under Dominica's jurisdiction.

Now, Dominica is a small island without a military that can go up against Venezuela and its warships. It's doubtful that any Caribbean country can go up against Venezuela. So, Venezuela is the bully in the U.S.'s backyard, claiming and seizing territory of other islands and its neighbors.

Where is the outcry against Venezuela's military aggression against poor little Dominica? Where are the protesters crying "no blood for oil"? If the U.S. had been the one seizing Bird Island, the world would know about it in a heartbeat. Hypocrites!