Friday, January 13, 2006

When Liberals Attack

If you are as tired as I am of Senators Kennedy, Biden, Feinstein. et al and their adolescent attempts at clever disputation with Justice Alito, then perhaps you should try some of Canada's political discourse for some variety. From Monte Solberg: We have missiles in the air!
But of course we all knew this was coming. The Libs had to come up with something that was even more frightening than re-electing the Liberals and of course nothing is more frightening than the United States, except that thing where they buy 87% of our exports, and where we import their television programs, movies, music and all that other great stuff they make. And we vacation there too, but other than that they really are frightening.
What is Mr. Solberg referring to? He is referring to a series of post by Paul Wells concerning a series of Liberal Party attack ads. Evidently, one of these has been pulled from the Liberal Party website, but they are still available here. My favorites are "Harper and a secret comment" and "Harper and the Washington Times", which tie directly to Mr. Solberg's comments above. Mr. Wells and Mr. Solberg are particularly fond of the ad about Harper and military presence. Mr. Wells has some fun here. If the Liberals of Canada have trouble imagining evil and aggressive Canadian troops in Canadian cities, the rest of the world has trouble imagining them anywhere else. The Danes couldn't imagine Canadian troops at Hans Island.

Now where can I get a " Bible machine gun"? (Hat tip to Plato's Stepchild.)