Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What Goes Around, Comes Around

From the Kiev Ukraine News Blog: Ukraine Tells Russia to Pay More for Black Sea Fleet Base
Ukraine and Russia clashed anew Feb. 14 as Kiev called for a hike in the rent the Kremlin pays to station its Black Sea fleet in Crimea and said Moscow would have to move the naval base when its lease runs out in 2017.
. . . . .
”In our relations with Russia, say in the gas sphere, we agreed to review contracts that were in force so that we could switch to a European formula of determining the price,” Ogryzko said in televised comments.

”We think the same approach should be applied in other spheres, including the calculations for the temporary basing of the Black Sea fleet on Ukrainian territory,” Ogryzko said.

He was referring to a bitter dispute early in the year, when Russia said it was ending gas subsidies for Ukraine and demanded a four-fold-plus increase in the gas price. The dispute ended in a deal that saw the price of Kiev’s gas imports nearly double.