Friday, March 17, 2006

Roundhead Or Cavalier?

Peter Gentle asks what is evidently the British version of the age-old question: "Helmet or Ant-eater?" Now that it is clear that we are not discussing the English Civil War of 1642, let's take a look at a relevant quote:
Roundhead or Cavalier? It may not be of any interest to you (at least, I hope it isn't) but to Jacek Kurski - one of the ruling Law and Justice's (PiS) key strategists - it's a matter of political credibility.

This week's Polish version of Newsweek is carrying a story claiming that a key government politician is a bit of an exhibitionist. Two years ago, Kurski (known to his friends as 'the Pit-bull') was so worried about rumours going around members of the rival catholic-nationalist party, League of Polish Families (LPR), how he was a bit short in the foreskin department, that he got on a chair, took down his trousers and undies and proceeded to show a room full of LPR members his…member!

Kurksi has denied the gossip as 'lies' and is assuring anyone who will listen, he does, in fact, still have all that he was born with below the waist.

But why all the fuss about the ownership, or not, of a few milligrams of flesh?
Mr. Kurski is not the most prominent political operative who has felt the need to share with others the condition of the shrouding on his unit, but then President Clinton preferred an audience of one. I must admit that I have come out of the closet myself on this exact question and did so for very much the opposite reason of Mr. Kurski. (My announcement was hopefully more tasteful than that of "The Pitbull". Doug of Mobange! and Crossword Bebop would have given me notice if it had not been.) The obvious anti-Semitism of Mr. Kurski is reprehensible on its face. It is time for the Catholic Church of Poland to make a statement against anti-Semitism, and for proper decorum, by calling for the dismissal of Mr. Kurski.

(Hat tip to the Impish One for the snark about Wild Bill.)