Monday, April 04, 2005

Corruption In The Great White North

Update 6/11/05: Item 104 is the most recent post from Captain's Quarters. Item 103 is the most recent post of evidence. Item 6 is commentary and explanation as to why Captain Ed chose not to observe the publication ban. Item 7 is a translation into French of two pieces of testimony. Item 13 verifies and expands previously posted information based on sources available after the lifting of the publication ban. Item 14, Captain Ed says "Thank You".

Captain Ed reports on a corruption investigation now in process in Canada. His postings are as follows:
  1. Corruption Scandal Breaks Wide Open
  2. Adscam Trial May End Publication Ban
  3. Canadian Visitors Find CQ
  4. Liberals To Request Standing At Gomery Commission For Cross-Examination
  5. Adscam: Brault Testimony Continues
  6. G&M Shows Why Publication Ban Is A Farce
  7. Scandale Des Commandites
  8. Adscam Trials Delayed Until June
    "Interestingly, Gomery had given Liberals standing in the inquiry, which allows them to cross-examine witnesses such as Brault. Today he denied standing to Conservatives and BQ, stating that their parties have not been directly affected by the testimony. In a subtle way, Canadians should understand from that decision that the witnesses have testified to significant wrongdoing by Liberal politicians and bureaucrats, but have not implicated anyone else."
  9. Adscam: It's Not Just For Liberals Any More
  10. Publication Ban Decision Tomorrow
  11. American Media Catches Up To Adscam
  12. Adscam Updates And Notes
  13. Publication Ban Lifted
  14. A Big Thank You To My Friends In Canada
  15. Adscam Reaches Prime Minister's Office 4/9/05
  16. Adscam: Liberals Losing Ground -- And MPs 4/9/05
  17. Canadian Corruption Moving Beyond Adscam? 4/10/05
  18. The Race For The Money? 4/10/05
  19. Martin To Claim Liberal Purity (Of Late) 4/11/05
  20. Corruption Moves Past Gomery, Involves Martin Confidants 4/11/05
  21. CTV: Liberals Melting Down In Polling 4/11/05
  22. Check Register Corroborates Brault, Harper Won't Wait For Gomery 4/12/05
  23. 'The Man On The Ship' 4/12/05
  24. Chrétien Crony Got $6.7M In Adscam Contracts 4/13/05
  25. Jack Kelly: Adscam Could Ease Energy Woes 4/13/05
  26. Martin Runs From A New Adscam Connection 4/14/05
  27. It's The Loyalty To The Ex-Employees I Find Touching 4/14/05
  28. Do Canadians Need A Tax-Form Contribution To Political Campaigns? 4/15/05
  29. Adscam: Canadians Probably Won't Get Much Satisfaction 4/17/05
  30. Adscam Defender Has Cash Issues Of His Own 4/17/05
  31. Painfully Slow Audits At Elections Canada? Mon Dieu! 4/18/05
  32. Liberals Panic, Cancel Opposition Days 4/19/05
  33. Two Lines Of Inquiry Approaching Martin 4/19/05
  34. Adscam Middleman Netted $1.7M Without Catching A Fish 4/19/05
  35. Liberals Fail To Secure May 19th Opposition Day 4/20/05
  36. Martin To Plead Case On Television 4/20/05
  37. Boulay Made Money From All Sides 4/21/05
  38. Liberals Handed Out Judgeships For Political Favors: Witness 4/21/05
  39. Martin Offers Elections ... In December 4/21/05
  40. More Publication Bans In Gomery Inquiry 4/25/05
  41. Adscam: The Graft In The Details 4/26/05
  42. Martin Purchases NDP Votes To Retain Power 4/26/05
  43. Layton Begins Rationalizations 4/27/05
  44. No Publication Ban At CQ 4/27/05
  45. Coffin: Adscam Used Front Agencies 4/21/05
  46. Austin Bay: Will Canada Be The Next Failed State? 4/27/05
  47. Layton Suffering From Projection 4/28/05
  48. Has Harper Missed His Chance Already? 4/29/05
  49. Chrétien Plays The Gay Card In Adscam 4/30/05
  50. Tories Losing Their Nerve? 5/2/05
  51. An End To The Publication Ban? 5/2/05
  52. Harper: Tory No-Confidence Effort "Unanimous" 5/2/05
  53. A Note On The Canadian Publication Ban 5/3/05
  54. Are The Liberals Buying Their Survival? 5/3/05
  55. Guité Testimony Upcoming On CQ 5/4/05
  56. Guité: Gagliano Assured Gov't Revenue For Ad Agency 5/4/05
  57. Guité Testimony Redacted On Personal Loan (Banned Testimony) 5/4/05
  58. Liberals In Quebec: Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler 5/5/05
  59. Will Liberals Refuse To Leave? 5/6/05
  60. Does The Buck Stop At Béliveau? 5/6/05
  61. Corriveau Spread The Wealth (Off The Books, Natch) 5/7/05
  62. Beryl Wajsmann, In His Own Words 5/8/05
  63. BQ Will Demand Action If Liberals Ignore No-Confidence Motion 5/9/05
  64. Corbeil: Liberal Activists Tied To Martin Took Illegal Cash 5/9/05
  65. Beryl Wajsmann Interview At CQ 5/9/05
  66. Did Gagliano Intimidate Corbeil? 5/10/05
  67. Parliament Votes For Gov't To Resign; Grits Defiant 5/10/05
  68. Corbeil: Money Funded Covert Campaign Office 5/10/05
  69. The Liberal Catch-22 5/11/05
  70. Martin Offers Eight-Day Wait, BQ Says 'Non!' 5/11/05
  71. Ottawa Gone Wild! 5/11/05
  72. Adscam: Kickback Scheme Intentional 5/11/05
  73. A Demonstration Of Liberal Powerlessness 5/12/05
  74. Dezainde Gets Fanciful At Gomery 5/13/05
  75. Reuters: Canadian Gov't Will Fall 5/13/05
  76. One Roll Of The Dice 5/15/05
  77. Harper Goes To The Mattresses 5/17/05
  78. Belinda Sells Out 5/17/05
  79. Belinda's Betrayal Also Personal: Canadian Press 5/17/05
  80. Harper, Tories To Pass Budget, Oppose NDP Amendment 5/17/05
  81. Tory MP: Liberals Tried To Bribe Me 5/18/05
  82. Confidence Votes Come Down To The Wire 5/19/05
  83. Liberals Survive No-Confidence Effort 5/19/05
  84. Is Harper Finished? 5/20/05
  85. NDP, BQ Join In Call For RCMP Investigation 5/21/05
  86. Maybe They Should Have Chosen A Better Spokesperson 5/23/05
  87. Canadians Paying For Liberal Party PR Offensive 5/24/05
  88. Adscam Cost $355 Million: Auditors 4/25/05
  89. Adscam Reaches Paul Martin's Office (Updated -- Not Quite!) 4/26/05
  90. Morselli: Gagliano Was "The Big Boss" 4/27/05
  91. Will The Tories Come Out Fighting? 5/28/05
  92. CQ - The End Of The World As We Know It 5/29/05
  93. Confidence Votes This Week? More Or Less 5/30/05
  94. Accuracy In Media: CQ Is Journalism 5/30/05
  95. Grewal Tapes Contain Bribe Offer: CTV 5/30/05
  96. Guilty Plea In Adscam 5/31/05
  97. Grewal Transcripts Released 5/31/05
  98. Tapes Edited: Dosanjh 6/2/05
  99. Have The Grewal Tapes Been Altered? 6/2/05
  100. Liberal MP Calls For Suspension Of Murphy, Dosanjh 6/3/05
  101. Gurmant's Envelope Brings A Sudden Vacation 6/6/05
  102. Harper: Unhappy Grits Hold Fate Of Gov't 6/8/05
  103. Expert: Grewal Tapes Clean 6/10/05
  104. G&M Poll: Status Quo Ante Gomery 6/11/05
See also: Context For Understanding Gomery (updated 6/11/05). Check this Technorati search on the Gomery Commission for the most current postings on this and related topics.

I am sure the good Captain will have more new information forthcoming. There is, however, a group of dedicated bloggers in Canada who have been following the Gomery Commission for some time. Click on the button below to begin your exploration of The Blogging Tories.

Update: Wretchard comments, from his club chair, on the strange situation Canadian bloggers find themselves in regarding Adscam. Captain Ed has even become a name they dare not speak. There is talk of cross-border blogging. Now that smacks of fraternization.

Update 2: Wretchard provides insight into Canadian law regarding the publication ban and how Canadian bloggers are dealing with it. Here is a summary of the court's point of view:
Perreault warned that even if Brault's testimony has been outed by a U.S. website, it doesn't mean it's now public information. "Anyone who takes that information and diffuses it is liable to be charged with contempt of court," Perreault said. "Anybody who reproduces it is at risk."
The bloggers have a slightly different point of view.

Update 3: More from Captain Ed here.

Update 4: Conservative Life - Canadian Politics has two posts of interest, here and here.