Monday, April 04, 2005

Some Items Regarding Terri Schiavo

  1. John Hawkins has researched some FAQ's regarding this case. Find the answers here. Find links to all his commentary on this case here. (Hat tip Chrenkoff)
  2. CaribPundit supplies information gleaned from the medical report by William M. Hammesfahr, M.D., a top neurologist, who examined Terri Schiavo in September, 2002.
  3. An acquaintance (an elderly woman who voted for John Kerry) told me this past weekend that they should have removed Ms. Schiavo's feeding tube years ago because she caused so many problems for her husband. (Feminism is not only dead, it has a stake driven into its heart.)
  4. Dawn Eden reports:

    "We talked a lot about Terri Schiavo on my radio show Wednesday, and I concluded by remarking how ridiculous and revolting it was that we even needed to bring this up. And yet, here we are. A woman is dead, and the reasonable people are OK with it. It's just us fanatics that need our heads examined."

    - Former Montgomery County, N.Y., Judge Robert N. Going

    This is pretty much the way I felt after the conversation mentioned above.