Monday, November 07, 2005

Or Not The Intifada

From EU Referendum: Looking at France. The analysis argues against calling the riots "the French Intifada". The argument is made that the riots are a result of the French Socialist governments policies and that failure to recognize that gives cover to the Left everywhere. A favorite quote:
One of Goergens's postings deals with the architecture of the banlieus, the soullessness of the buildings and impossibility of a fruitful human existence in them. He traces the ideas behind those monstrosities to Le Corbusier, arguably one of the evil geniuses of the twentieth century with his ideas of social and cultural experimentation on human beings. We in this country, who have known the problems of the council estates, those tenth rate embodiments of Corbusier's plans, should not dismiss these arguments.
It is time that more people recognize the evil effect of Corbusier's fascist architecture.