Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Roots of Anti-Americanism

Our friends at ?No Pasaran! give us 250 Years of Anti-Americanism. They direct us to A Geneaology of Anti-Americanism by James W. Ceaser.
America's future will bring the "greatest mediocrity in all fields: mediocrity of physical strength, mediocrity of beauty, mediocrity of intellectual capacities - we could almost say nothingness"
But enough about American public school education!

A Geneaology of Anti-Americanism is well worth the read as it traces the history of the idea of Anti-Americanism. This quote concerning that old fascist Heidegger (They didn't tell you that in Modern Philosophy class!) caught my eye (emphasis added):
America and the Soviet Union comprised, one might say, the axis of evil. But America, in Heidegger's view, represented the greater and more significant threat, as "Bolshevism is only a variant of Americanism." In a kind of overture to the Left after the Second World War, Heidegger spoke of entering into a "dialogue" with Marxism, which was possible because of its sensitivity to the general idea of history. A similar encounter with Americanism was out of the question, as America was without a genuine sense of history. Americanism was "the most dangerous form of boundlessness, because it appears in a middle class way of life mixed with Christianity, and all this in an atmosphere that lacks completely any sense of history." When the United States declared war on Germany, Heidegger wrote: "We know today that the Anglo Saxon world of Americanism is resolved to destroy Europe.... The entry of America into this world war is not an entry into history, but is already the last American act of American absence of historical sense."
(Read the conclusion Here!)