Thursday, July 07, 2005

Those Who Can - Do; Those Who Can't . . .

From Le Monde: "Europe's Quest for Military Independence from Washington"
France's traditional policy with regard to NATO has been to define a security model, with European interests at its core, which avoids the formation of two blocs, one led by Washington and the other led by Moscow. This has meant French strategic autonomy within a variety of international organizations, but never a European army, not for the Jospin government or for the subsequent Raffarin government. The objective is to allow the E.U. to manage crises, such as those in Bosnia or Kosovo, without the Americans.
Let me extend a personal invitation to the French to replace American troops in Bosnia and Kosovo. European problem - European solution? Header summary:
In order to acquire true military independence from the United States, the E.U. - and especially France - must allow NATO to transform itself into a global security organization. By taking part in this transformation, the E.U. may win the support and trust of Washington in setting up a fully-integrated European military.
Read the rest here. (via Watching America)