Thursday, August 25, 2005

Aleksander Boyd On P. Robertson, Part 2

Mr. Boyd (of VCRISIS) points to an interview between Pat Robertson and Thor Halvorssen (link to video below) and gives additional commentary.
The media frenzy generated by Robertson's assassination calls has brought to the fora the issue of Hugo Chavez and it's still early days to analyse in its full dimension the political repercussions that such remarks will have. A quick review of yesterday's news suggests that, indeed, Venezuela, for the first time in a very long period, made it to the headlines, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

. . . . .

Thor Halvorssen views are to the point, accurate and compelling enough to alert a broader audience about the perils that the Castro-Chavez duo represent for the hemispheric stability. We, Venezuelan citizens, have been denouncing the impending danger for quite some time now only to be treated with utmost contempt by the international democratic community.
The video includes a background report on Hugo Chavez. Read the rest here.