Saturday, October 01, 2005

News Zealand Parliamentary Elections

Flag of New ZealandElection Results
Labour - 41% (50 seats)
National - 39% (48)
New Zealand First - 6% (7)
Greens - 5% (6)
United Future - 3% (3) Coat od Arms
Maori - 2% (4*)
Act - 1.5% (2)
Progressive Party - 1% (1)

*Includes two guaranteed seats

From the BBC: NZ result confirms Labour victory
Correspondents say Prime Minister Helen Clark is now likely to form a minority government with support from a number of smaller parties.

Her Labour Party has 50 seats in the 121-member parliament, two more than the main opposition National Party.

Ms Clark will be the first Labour prime minister to win three successive terms.

National almost doubled its vote, on a platform of tax cuts, closer ties to the US and pledges to cut state aid to Maori communities.
. . . . .

Ms Clark has said she would prefer to lead a minority government, seeking support from other parties for crucial legislation.

Labour already has the support of the Greens and the Progressive Party and can expect the backing of the indigenous Maori Party.

But New Zealand First and United Future have said they will not support the government if any Greens are given cabinet posts.