Thursday, November 10, 2005

Because They Killed The Huguenots

From The Brussels Journal: The Breakdown of the Extended Order
It is the breakdown of our “extended order” – in other words Western civilisation rooted (whether one likes it or not) in the “symbolic truths” of Judeo-Christianity – that we are witnessing today in France. This breakdown was caused by the secularisation of Western Europe, which led to a demographic implosion because people no longer wished to be “fruitful” and to “multiply.” Secularisation has left both a religious and a demographic vacuum in Europe. This vacuum is being filled by a new people and a new religion. The latter religion, being of a more fatalistic kind (as it is originally the religion of a desert people), is less inclined to “replenish the earth and subdue it” because it accepts that the existing world is “the will of Allah” (Inch'Allah).

Islam is on the rise in Europe. According to some this is exactly the reason why its faithful are rioting, but the Muslims cannot be blamed for Old Europe’s problems. These are completely self-inflicted. Islam is not the cause but the consequence of the problems.
Devotees of Darwin failing the most basic Darwinian test.