Thursday, November 10, 2005

Resisting European Union Hegemony

From The Beatroot: Brussels to the rescue?
Should the EU 'save' Poles from their '‘radical' government?

The outgoing president, ex-communist Aleksander Kwasniewski, told a British newspaper this week that the 'EU and NATO' will limit the more extreme tendencies of the new minority, populist, social conservative Law and Justice (PiS) administration.
. . . . .
All radical, or reactionary, stuff. But should President Kwasniewski be calling for the EU to save Poles from PiS and their rather strange friends?

After all, nobody is claiming that PiS won the election unfairly. There were no 'hanging chads' clogging up the ballot boxes.

At a time when many educated Poles throw up their hands in horror at the dismal level of turnout in Polish elections (if 50% drag themselves out to vote then it's considered quite a success in Poland - see my Silent Majority) then should we be hoping for the un-elected in Brussels to save Poles from themselves?

Many will find some of the policies of the present government repugnant, but hoping for bureaucrats somewhere outside the country to do something about it will only increase Poles disengagement from the ballot box, democracy and politics in general.

As has been said many times elsewhere, in a democracy, the people get the government they deserve. If Poles don't like PiS then they can get rid of them next polling day.
One can understand when an old communist (Kwasniewski) doesn't understand the democratic process. It will be interesting to see if thbureaucratsBeaurocrats have any better understanding of the concept.