Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Three More From CaribPundit

For your consideration:
  1. The traitors amongst us have forgotten
    Why this retrospective? Well, the story making the wires is the mass purchase of non-traceable cell-phones by Mid-Eastern/Asian-looking individuals in cities around the U.S. This rush to purchase has come in the wake of the James Risen story of NSA listening in to phone calls, published by the Old Gray Whore.
  2. Life in paradise
    Cuban government officials are openly worrying that the generation of disaffected youth that grew up with scarcity and hard times since the early 1990s will be the very catalyst that destroys Castro's legacy.
  3. Chavez is a bigger threat than George Bush
    There are substantial allegations that Mr Chávez is a proxy for Cuba in exporting and sustaining leftist revolutionary movements. Promoting revolution or even the fear of revolution in a region scarred by two centuries of rebellion, insurrection, revolt and civil war, threatens to undermine the hard won advances in democracy made in Latin America since the early 1990s. Mr Chávez's provocative military adventurism on Bird Rock, which threatens the Exclusive Economic Zones of the Leeward Islands, also suggests an ambitious expansionist agenda. All this, taken with the militarisation of a large body of citizens into a new army reserve in an increasingly unstable civil situation in Venezuela, presents a dangerously potent cocktail for domestic and regional instability.