Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More What Goes Around, Comes Around

From The Brussels Journal: Dairy Producer Who Boycotted Israel Gets Boycotted by Muslims

But there is much more to the article than that.
According to Paul Johansen, a Norwegian citizen who is a former Muslim and now heads a Christian mission among Arabs, the West has a naive image of Islam. Mr Johansen defended the Danish cartoonists in an interview with the Norwegian Christian paper Dagen. “The artists who drew Muhammad did not get their inspiration from nowhere. Muslims need to think about why Islam is being linked to terrorism,” he said. Mr Johansen believes that what is happening today is the encounter with Islam as it really is.
“For decades Muslims have argued in the Western media that Islam is a religion of peace which respects other opinions. But we see nothing of this tolerance in the reality today. Muslims burn down embassies and consulates and are prepared to kill people as well.”
Mr Johansen, however, stressed that although terrorists and fanatics can be found among Muslims the majority of Muslims are peaceful people. “But does that mean we should be silent about Islam or the situation in the Muslim countries? We cannot. After all it is in the interests of the Muslims that the West stands firm on human rights and freedom of expression, because this is what is lacking in the Muslim world,” he said.
There is more from Mr. Johansen and others in the rest of the article.