Sunday, March 19, 2006

PM Blair And The Sociology Of Faith

My post, PM Blair Comes Out Of The Closet!, announces to the world (my readers, at least) that Prime Minister Blair has used the G#d word in public. Peter Gentle comments on this faux pas. Mr. Gentle's views on this are validated as the view of the British public at large in this post from openDemocracy: "Best not to take it too far": how the British cut religion down to size.
When Britain's prime minister mentions God on primetime TV, millions of citizens are puzzled or outraged. Is this Tony Blair's problem, or theirs? Callum Brown traces the long withdrawing whimper of "Christian Britain".
The land of my ancestors and spiritual forefathers now receives missionaries from third-world countries who confront a paganism, while more often than not urbane, is still very real. Read the article to find out how this situation developed.

(Hat tip to OrthodoxyToday Blog.)