Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Curiouser And Curiouser

From Gateway Pundit via The Cabarfeidh Pages:
Italian media is reporting that Italian communist groups helped kill the three Italian soldiers in Nassirya last week
. . . . .
The Italian intelligence heard phone conversations in which the red fundamentalists instructed the Islamists about how and when to kill our soldiers. It seems that the attack was organized in order to pressure Mr. Prodi to speed the pullout from Iraq.
. . . . .
Iranian agents were accused yesterday of masterminding a bomb attack that killed three Italian soldiers in Iraq last week and intensified political pressure for the incoming government to speed up its withdrawal of troops from that country.
. . . . .
A spy in a local police station evidently provided the Iranians with the route to be taken by the soldiers' convoy. Iraqi officers at the Nasariyah police station were trained by the Italian contingent, but many are considered unreliable.