Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Germany's First Ever Woman (35.2%) Chancellor

From Soldiers' Angels Germany: " Who is Angela Merkel?", gives us a picture of the woman who will be Gerhard Schroeder's Punching Bag the next Chancellor of Germany. The suicide pact unique coalition being discussed is called a "Grand Coalition". This Soldiers' Angel says, "As this is not a political blog, I won't give you my opinion. I'll just share a quote from former Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, also from Deutsche Welle."
Deutsche Welle: Two years ago, you said: "Grand coalition means grand stalemate." Now it seems likely we'll soon see a grand coalition of the Christian Union parties and the Social Democrats in government. What's your view of the immediate future?

Genscher: My opinion is unchanged: A grand coalition always means a two-way blockade culminating in wrong decisions. Today when people talk about how federalism reform is necessary, it's actually the call to finally undo what the grand coalition of 1966-1969 did wrong. That does not inspire confidence.
Did the Angel express an opinion?

EU Referendum fleshes out how governance will be shared in this "Grand Coalition":
But government it will be in name only, as the portfolios have been distributed between the two parties. In addition to the chancellery and the chancellery's chief of staff a post that is being upgraded to a full cabinet portfolio the CDU and the Christian Social Union, its Bavarian sister party, are to receive six portfolios.

The economics ministry will be stripped of its labour market element and renamed the economics and innovation ministry. The new portfolio, which will go to Edmund Stoiber, the CSU chairman, will also spearhead European Union negotiations in industry policy. The CDU and CSU will also run the defence, interior affairs, consumer protection and agriculture, education and research, and family ministries.

The SPD's portfolios will include foreign policy, finance (emphasis added - ed.), a new labour and social security portfolio carved out of the old economics and health ministries, development, justice, environment, transport, and the new health ministry amputated from its social security component.

This means that controversial portfolios are spread between two disparate political groups, leading The Times to comment that Merkel has had to pay a heavy price for the removal of Schroeder.
This means, with the Socialists in charge of foreign policy and finance, that Germany will continue to be anti-American Eurocentric and socialist. Continuing the failed policies of the past will cost the Socialists little, as they now have Chancellor Merkel to blame.

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