Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Another History Of An Idea

Stolen from Tim Blair's wonderful blog. This is from the commentary on his post on Powerline as Time magazine's Blog of the Year. The author is one "rhhardin".
Women of course are not interested in lagrangian libration points, which are points of stability in the combined gravity fields of the earth and moon and sun, where junk collects. But there's an analog if you don't dust for a decade or so, where giant dust balls form at points of habitually rising air, the dust following the horizontal negative flow divergence to that point and then staying behind as the air rises, a fascinating event unfolding that a woman would never tolerate even the beginning of. A man remains calm, even fascinated, in the presence of natural events that need explaining, in his view, and not fixing. Like huge balls of dust. ``I wonder how big it will get.'' A man looks forward to seeing in a couple of years more what will have happened. NASA may want to send a mission there, he thinks.

These giant dust balls can be broken up however by a dog chasing some object into an undisturbed area once in a while, which is their eventual fate. This is the analog of a large comet.

Men are unaffected by the story ``Dust Balls, a New Menace? More at Eleven'' but women are, and women are the product of the news businesses. These women (said to be 40% of women; not all, but it's all you can get) are sold to advertisers. News busineses(sp) would like a more general audience, but there usually isn't anything to attract a more general audience except for one-offs like Princess Di's funeral or JFK Jr augering into the sea, where the comman(sp) man is tuning in to see if the entire world has gone crazy or if it's just his wife. Women you can attract daily!

Blogs come and go on interest alone, both writer's and readers', and so needn't pander to the biggest homogeneous audience available no matter how moronic.

Similarly men who are married sometimes clean up, with a view towards future favors. This is said to be the civilizing influence of women.

Just one more reason to love the Australians!