Saturday, February 19, 2005

Music In America

My friend Muzzy of Blogizdat "passed the stick" to me, but I will not be able to run with it at this point in time. My house is undergoing "renovation" and I would have some trouble even finding my CD collection. (My vinyl collection is still in storage at a super-secret location.) My response will be limited to the last two CD's purchased.

This past fall we heard a band perform live at the Bayfield, WI Apple Festival. We enjoyed that band, Brule', so much that we purchased two of their CD's. (Their music style is described as "Contemporary Native American".)

This is a Christmas recording that Paul LaRoche collaborated on. Some interesting takes on traditional Christmas tunes, sometimes only hauntingly familiar with titles recast in Native American (Lakota) cultural terms.
Samples from Brule' website (RealPlayer):
The Miracle Of Life
Three Shaman
Serenity's Child

(Read the rest here.)