Friday, April 29, 2005

Men In Black

Two black heroes - one of long standing and one newly discovered:
(Hat tip Orthodoxy Today Blog)

Venezuela Watch 4/29/05

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Will The Maple Leaf Fall?

Captain Ed's post, Austin Bay: Will Canada Be The Next Failed State? uses the Adscam Scandal as a prism through which to view Canada's ailing national unity. Austin Bay's article may be tongue-in-cheek, but the problem is real. Captain Ed comments:
I for one don't find this instability encouraging. We may have our differences on international policy and other issues with Ottawa, but we have a long and treasured relationship with a united Canada. We share one of few demilitarized international borders based on centuries of friendship, trust, and a shared sense of mission, even if our cultures differ in small but significant ways. Dissolution will abruptly and sharply change that relationship, complicating not just our security situation but the nature of the North American continent altogether.

For this reason, I remain absolutely stumped about the lack of interest shown thus far by the American media in the Adscam scandal
. (emphasis added, ed.) Though a Liberal government collapse looks imminent and probably unavoidable, even a newspaper as close to Canada as the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has barely mentioned it. The lack of interest in Canadian politics will catch Americans with their pants down if Quebec goes its own way and precipitates a general collapse of the national system in Canada, an embarassing development for a country that takes such an interest in global politics.
Point well made.

Joshua Isn't Fighting The Battle Of Jericho

Kate asks a leading question in her post, "Those Crazy Jews".

J. Carter Would Certify These Elections

CaribPundit on the "get out the vote" effort in Cuba.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Venezuela Watch 4/27/05

Well, This Explains A Few Things!

Your Brain is 46.67% Female, 53.33% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

What's scarier is that my wife guessed this result to within 3 points. (Hat tip Bogus Gold)

Mader On Martin And Harper

Liberal PM Martin: Weak
Let me speak plainly: What happened with the sponsorship file occurred on the watch of a Liberal government. Those who were in power are to be held responsible and that includes me.

I was the Minister of Finance. Knowing what I've learned this past year, I am sorry that we weren't more vigilant -- that I wasn't more vigilant. Public money was misdirected and misused. That's unacceptable. And that is why I apologized to the Canadian people a year ago...

Tory Harper: Better
My fellow Canadians, we have all just witnessed a sad spectacle - a Prime Minister so burdened with corruption in his own party that he is unable to do his job and lead the country, a party leader playing for time, begging for another chance.

This is not how a prime minister should act.
Find extended excerpts, commentary and links to the complete speech texts at the links above. (Scroll down)

More Than One Hand Clapping

  • Belief Seeking Understanding received some well deserved recognition. (Thanks Doug, for helping to keep me up to speed on things technical.)
  • Tuesday, April 26, 2005

    What Was She Thinking?!

    Secretary of State Condi Rice comes out in support of the European Union.

    Story and commentary from EU Referendum:
    This was, of course, very much what the "Europeans" wanted to hear and, while she sidestepped the very specific question of whether the US supported the constitution, those who so wish could easily infer US support from secretary Rice's comments.

    In the febrile atmosphere of the French referendum campaign, one wonders if this is not a poison pill. Express US support could do nothing other than strengthen the "no" vote. In all utterences of the US State Department - as in diplomacy generally - you have to wonder what the real agenda is. In the style of Humpty dumpty, words never seem to mean exactly what they say, but what the author means them to say.

    Venezuela Watch 4/26/05

    Venezuela abruptly ends military exchange relationship with the U.S., one wonders why. Rumor has it that she has nuclear intentions. CaribPundit notices and comments here. While this may be possible and the following does not preclude it, I think this is just one more stanza of "Nearer My God To Thee" for Chavez, who worships at the altar of Castro.

    Monday, April 25, 2005

    "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

    A report from a screening of the Venezuelan film "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised", a product of the Micheal Moore School Of Film.

    Cordex: Oil-For-Food For Thought

    This scandal reaches all the way to the top in Canada also.

    Saturday, April 23, 2005

    On Recognizing The Future When You See It

    The People's Republic of Mn. has a great post, entitled Evolving Media, concerning the relationship between bloggers and the MSM. Refers to an article by Phil Boas, a man who has looked into the future and isn't afraid to go there. Thumbs up, Noodles!

    On The Nordic Lifestyle:

    Thursday, April 21, 2005

    On Fertility And Irony In Western Liberalism

    Tim Blair juxtaposes two news articles in UNRELATED EVENTS REPORTED. Perhaps the West should take to heart some of the writings of Pope John Paul II.

    Blogging Ethics

    GigglePundit has an excellent post on the ethics of demonization in the blogging world. Well worth the read and even more important to practice. I find that if I am tempted to use the word "stupid", chances are I have failed in framing the argument and/or crafting the text. Posts which I feel push the line have been submitted to others for editorial review. The"Empathy Test", as proposed by Flash of Centrisity, is prudent and reasonable; even if HE IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING else.

    Wednesday, April 20, 2005

    Sinn Fein On Intercourse With Ireland: NoThanks, We're Northern Irish!

    Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned.

    From Everything Ulster:
    IN a new direction for the provisional republican movement, Gerry Adams today claimed that the southern Irish government had no right to meddle in the affairs of Northern Irish politics.

    The BBC today reports that Adams condemned ministers of the southern Irish government for their "interference" after the Irish foreign minister, Dermot Ahern, toured South Down with sitting MP Eddie McGrady of the SDLP. The statement comes as Pat Rabbite is due to visit Londonderry to campaign with SDLP leader Mark Durkan and days before Irish Justice Minister Michael McDowell is to visit Belfast, also supporting the SDLP.

    Get with it Gerry - you're just pissed because your 'brothers' in the Republic (and dare I say it, fellow republicans) are as disgusted with your guerilla war, criminality, petty bigotry and mopery as we in Northern Ireland are. You're just showing how out of step you really are with those you perceive as your own.

    Sinn Fein's raison d'etre is to have the Irish government not just intervene here, but to rule Northern Ireland. To complain when they do so, just because they're promoting a party that isn't yours is the height of hypocrisy! Is it possible Gerry's going senile in his old age and is quickly turning into a Paisley type figure for the Republican movement? Will we see more gaffes like this one in the future? Oh I do hope so.

    Roadkill On Earnscliffe

    Venezuela Watch 4/20/05

    Tuesday, April 19, 2005

    Venezuela Watch 4/19/05

    CaribPundit brings us a good summary of the Venezuelan line concerning the beating laid down on the Paraguayan Ambassador Ana María Figueredo. Guess what, Bushitler did it! Additional information on this meme:
    1. Paraguayan Ambassador to Venezuela Brutally Beaten 4/14/05
    2. Paraguay Demands Apology from Venezuela for Aggression against Ambassador 4/14/05
    3. More on the Beating of Paraguayan Ambassador to Venezuela 4/15/05
    4. Breaking News: US financed the beating to Paraguayan Ambassador to Venezuela... 4/16/05

    Democracy: Venezuela Style - Part 2

    VCRISIS brings us an editorial from El Impulso entitled " Harassment and Persecution of Americans Reported in Venezuela". A warning concerning Americans is given:
    José Agustín Gómez, leader of the Un Solo Pueblo party (One People), after warning that"a xenophobic persecution has emerged against the people of the United States," urged the Ambassador of the United States in Venezuela, William Brownfield, to look after United States citizens residing in Venezuela, "given that the Venezuelan government and its followers are persecuting them."
    But far more interesting is the little glimpse of democracy under Hugo Chavez:
    In reference to the "Tascón List", whose "burial" was ordered by the President of the Republic, Hugo Chávez, last Friday, he maintained that the Chief Executive explicitly admitted that this list had been an instrument of persecution" against Venezuelans who signed in petition of the recall referendum and now there is an attempt to file it away without redressing the consequences it generated.

    "The President admitted there was a felony committed by functionaries of his government who denied job opportunities to humble citizens, because they had signed against Chavez as they tried to remove him from power. Well, that will be lodged as a complaint before the International Court of Human Rights, insofar as it constitutes a violation of human rights," he advised.
    Mr. Gomez also makes this statement:
    He went on to say "we will take it upon ourselves to enter (Deputy Luis Tascón) into that page, because his list is like the one the Gestapo had for persecuting Jews. The same thing happened here in Venezuela," he stated.
    Hyperbolic? Perhaps, but perhaps not.

    UPDATE: From Venezuela: The McCarthyst list exists by Teodoro Petkoff as published in Tal Cua 4/19/05:
    Chavez says that “that moment is left behind” that “the famous list surely fulfilled an important role at a certain time, but that is past”. The President told us that he had received letters that “make me think that still in some spaces they have Tascòn’s list on the table to determine whether a person will or not work”

    “A confesión de partes, relevo de pruebas” (When people confess, you need no proof) Mr. Prosecutor, can you, with the diligence that is customary in you, begin to act? It is only a matter of guaranteeing the respect of the rights and constitutional guarantees, like the Constitution says. The shamelessness of the “process” has no parallel. The President of the country himself, the highest functionary in the nation, the number one public servant, admits-without blushing or shame- that in his “revolution” a list of political preferences is used to give or take jobs away. And that before-and this is perhaps worse- it had full justification: “It filled an important role”, to say it with his own words.

    What was that role, Mr. President? To scare, to threaten, to coerce those that were on the list so that, for example, they would not exercise their right to vote against you? What other role could it have been?
    But the height of cynicism is that of Deputy Adolfo Tascon, that outstanding student of Jose Vicente Rangel.

    “My intention was never to persecute anyone. That is not revolutionary behavior, that is fascist behavior”, says Little Adolph. And he adds that he withdrew his masterpiece-the list- from his webpage, once the recall vote was over.

    That is, once it “fulfilled an important role”
    Mr. Petkoff spends much of the editorial reminding the government of the content of the Venezuelan Constitution. It seems the Left everywhere finds that kind of document inconvenient.

    Monday, April 18, 2005

    On The Political Utility of Ms. Schiavo And Its Consequences

    Tim Blair compares two cases of political strategists advocating the use of the Terri Schiavo case for political advantage. Similar statements produce very different responses.

    Friday, April 15, 2005

    Venezuela Watch: Part 2

    Here is a follow-up to my earlier post. Barcepundit has published a number of updates on the topic of Spain's arms sales to Venezuela. They are as follows:This last item may suggest a possible motive for the sales. One wonders if the motivation for the purchase is other than Fidelito's "Workers of the World - Unite!" aspirations. CaribPundit suggest that a more immediate motivation may be lebensraum, when she asks, "Why does Venezuela want a million-man army again?" EU Referendum points to The American Spectator and VCRISIS where we find:
    • From The American Spectator:
      President Chavez may be a thuggish autocrat, but he isn't stupid enough to use chemical or biological weapons against American civilians, at least directly. He may see them as insurance against the possibility of an American invasion; however, the United States demonstrated in Iraq that threats of chemical retaliation will not deter us should we decide to invade.

      A more likely scenario is the use of these WMD's for international extortion against South American governments. Chavez's alleged links to Colombia's narcoterrorist FARC and to Evo Morales's cocaleros in Bolivia suggest he could find a vector for the weapons should he need one. The implicit threat of arming insurgent groups with WMD's may compel these governments -- especially the precarious democracy in Bolivia -- to accommodate Venezuela's policies or to reject ours.
    • From VCRISIS:

      This is all of course a textbook strategy for autocratic regimes: since personality cults, fear and propaganda can only carry you so far, you need to create the external enemy in order to reinforce the support of the loyalist and keep on your side those that are doubters because of the lack of accomplishments and progress by the Government. These strategies have been clearly posed by Sakharov and recently presented in clear form in Sharansky's "The case for democracy", a must read for anyone that believes in freedom, democracy and human rights.

      But Venezuela is becoming increasingly a militaristic country, run by an autocrat who now controls all of the structures of the state, including the military, who wants to merge the population with the Armed Forces and who finds glory in the bloody days of the beginning of the Republic, who talks about "the civic military unit, forming citizen soldiers and soldiers who are citizens...people and soldier, soldier and people, you are the most sublime expression of the civic-military fusion which today becomes the strongest column of the Bolivarian Venezuela". Who talks about sovereignty or death, who calls traitors those who do not understand the meaning of the newly created reserves. Yes, Venezuela enters deeper into the territory of Chavez' folly today, that project that may irreversibly ruin this country for decades to come, whose only objective is to preserve this madman in power.

    Latin American Fidelista hegemonist and megalomaniacal "Ruler for Life"? If it's any comfort, Jimmy Carter assures us it was a fair election. (Read Democracy Venezuelan Style.)

    On Academic Standards

    Tim Blair has found something that raises the bar for academic standards. Brings back some memories from academic conferences long ago and now far away.

    Thursday, April 14, 2005

    Looking For A Soul In The Machine, Part 3

    Further follow-up to Muzzy's article, "Spiritual Battles". In part he states,
    Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA): nothing. Their website homepage seems to be mostly devoted to communication with the faithful over issues related to church life. A search of their site for 'Schiavo' returned zero matches.
    A friend (hat tip to Steve) directed me to Orthodoxy Today.Org where one can find abundant commentary from various Greek Orthodox (and other) leaders. If the denominational website is lacking an "official" statement on this subject, one can certainly find many GOA leaders speaking out here. Here is some suggested reading:
    1. Statement On The Case Of Terri Schiavo
    2. Greek Orthodox Leader: Schiavo "deserves to live"
    3. The Martyrdom of Terri Schiavo: Resisting the ministers of death
      It got worse. Fighting for Michael was a cadre of professional euthanasia advocates including lawyer George Felos and Dr. Peter Bambikidas (two fallen sons of the Greek Orthodox Church). Michael appointed Dr. Ronald Cranford, who publicly labels himself "Dr. Humane Death," as a consultant in the case. So far Cranford has spent a total of 45 minutes examining Terri. The deck is clearly stacked against her.
    4. Slipping Down The Slope
    Some other Orthodox commentators:
    1. The Soul of a Controversy: After Terri Schiavo's death, questions remain
    2. What's God Got to Do with It? Terri Schiavo makes a place for religion in politics (This is by Denis Boyles, the author of Vile France: Fear, Duplicity, Cowardice and Cheese.)
    Also of relevance:There is much more on a wide variety of topics to be found at this website. The link has been added to my link list. (Find Looking For A Soul In The Machine: Part 1 here and Part 2 here.)

    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Looking For A Soul In The Machine, Part 2

    This is a follow-up to my earlier post on Muzzy's fine work. My wife brought home a printout given to her by a co-worker from the Q&A section of the Wisconsin Evangelical Synod (Come To The WELS!) website. Here is a listing of Q&A which addresses the Terri Schiavo case.
    1. Christian on life support 3/8/05
    2. Removal of Feeding Tube 3/22/05
    3. Terri Schaivo case 3/24/05
      Despite the fact that it makes for a good science-fiction movie, medical science is not able to keep anyone alive indefinitely. Death is not that elusive of a diagnosis. Medical science has used what is called the Uniform Determination of Death Act since 1981. It describes being dead as "An individual who has sustained either (1) irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions, or (2) irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brain stem, is dead. A determination of death must be made in accordance with accepted medical standards."
    4. Terri Schiavo 3/24/05
    5. Terri Schiavo 3/25/05, addresses "Official" position
    6. Schiavo case/questions 4/4/05
    7. WELS physician concerning Shiavo 4/5/05
    Also of interest:
    1. Sanctity vs Quality of life 8/5/04
    2. Euthanasia 2/9/04
    3. Is it illegal to keep a patient considered brain dead ... 1/1/04
    4. My friend's mother recently was very ill. 1/1/04
    5. A professor of mine argues that when some think of the soul surviving... 1/1/04
    6. I read Your Q/A: "I've heard that WELS can accept abortion ...1/1/04
    (Hat tip to Kim, who may some day put her thoughts in print here.)

    Andrea Dworkin, R.I.P.

    From The Guardian: Andrea Dworkin, embattled feminist, dies at 58
    Andrea Dworkin, the radical feminist activist and writer best known for her campaigns against pornography and her love of outsized dungarees, has died at her home in Washington DC.

    The author of more than 13 works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, Dworkin died peacefully in her sleep early on Saturday morning after a long battle with illness, said her partner and collaborator, John Stoltenberg. She was 58.

    Famous for her outspoken positions on a range of issues from male-on-female violence, to rape and sexual intercourse, Dworkin's uncompromising stance brought fierce criticism not only from liberals, concerned at her attempts to pass laws against pornography, but from feminists.
    I read her book on pornography years ago. She was extremely gifted in her ability to establish meaning and context with the simple vulgarity, "F*#K". Ms. Dworkin was half right, which brought her 50% closer to the truth than most liberals. (Hat tip Sploid)

    Sunday, April 10, 2005

    Slip, Sliding Away

    Muzzy, of Blogizdat, reprinted an editorial from LifeSiteNews which includes this quote:
    'First you kill those who want to die,' forewarns the American Catholic ecumenist Dr. Bill Cork. 'Then you kill those whose family wants them to die, then those where one family member wants them to die, and then those whose families want them to live. Finally, you kill those who want to live but who get in the way of the state.'
    Keep this in mind as you read this story (via Doug At Bogus Gold):
    85 year-old Mae Margourik of LaGrange, Georgia, is currently being deprived of nutrition and hydration at the request of her granddaughter, Beth Gaddy. Mrs. Margourik suffered an aortic dissection 2 weeks ago and was hospitalized. Though her doctors have said that she is not terminally ill, Ms. Gaddy declared that she held medical power of attorney for Mae, and had her transferred to the LaGrange Hospice. Later investigation revealed that Ms. Gaddy did not in fact have such power of attorney. Furthermore, Mae's Living Will provides that nutrition and hydration are to be withheld only if she is comatose or vegetative. Mae is in neither condition. Neither is her condition terminal.
    Read the rest of the story and Doug's commentary. Additional information and commentary by Doug can be found here and here. This story may have a better outcome as Doug chronicles here.

    Saturday, April 09, 2005

    Looking For A Soul In The Machine

    Muzzy has blogged extensively on the Terri Schiavo case. His post, "Spiritual Battles", is an investigation of the positions of various religious denominations regarding the issues relating to Ms. Schiavo. His findings are not completely surprising if one looks at who was vocal concerning the plight of the estranged wife of Michael Schiavo. Read the comments. His opening paragraph provides context:
    I consider the struggle for Terri Schiavo's life to be - aside from all the legal and moral issues surrounding the case - a spiritual battle. This is an epic struggle between the powers of Light and those of Darkness, one that will have serious consequences for this nation. As philosopher Edmund Burke was credited with stating in the 18th century: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
    In "More Musings", Muzzy invokes a ghost of horrors past:
    I view the whole sad episode as one of the two things:

    1) a clarion call to arms for people of morals and decency - Christians, Muslims, Jews, or even Atheists - to speak more forcefully through the political process, to ensure that what Hugh Hewitt calls SSJ's (stubborn, stupid judges) are removed from, and no longer confirmed to, the judiciary. We need wise judges in our courts, so the rights of the handicapped will be protected. And, we need better laws.


    2) the death throes of morality and decency in this country, a kind of Kristallnacht of the national soul, in which we go into a free-fall of moral collapse, and end up being just a large, English-speaking North American version of the Netherlands.

    We get to choose. We must choose.
    There is much more to be found at Blogizdat, where we are admonished to "just think about it".

    Venezuela Watch

    Barcepundit has been following a trip by Venezuela by Spanish PM Zapatero. Two recent posts cover Spanish weapon sales to the Socialist (and that is perhaps grossly understated) government of Hugo Chavez. The first post is to the website EU Referendum and their post Selling Arms To Dictators:
    Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero has argued that that planes and ships will be used to fight terrorism and illegal drug trade while contributing to regional security and democracy.

    This is rather hard to understand. President Chávez is arming Venezuela, buying arms not only from Spain but from Russia and Brazil. He is also believed to be supporting the Communist-inclined narcoterrorists FARC as well as a number of other terrorist and insurgent organizations.

    At the same time, Spain is also selling C-212 cargo planes and is discussing the sales of military helicopters and patrol boats to Colombia. Perhaps, this is to aid the fight against drug smuggling, but the big worry in that part of the world is the potentially explosive situation between those two countries.

    There is, inevitably, a more general aspect. Chávez, hero of the Marxist left in Europe, is known as Fidelito (the little Fidel) in the United States and other South American countries. In fact, he has recently had a public love-in with the old tyrant, almost as if the mantle of old-fashioned left wing tyranny and international terrorism was being handed on.

    Chávez has proclaimed himself to be the leader of the anti-US struggle, supposedly supported by the peoples of the world. In reality, of course, his greatest supporters are the Euro-elite. Pursuing his "struggle" he has threatened to cut off the sale of oil to the USA, signing deals with China instead. He may, of course, find himself on the receiving end of China's notorious unreliability in deals.
    Mr. Aleman then asks, "What Else Did Spain Sell To Venezuela?" The answer so far is chemical warfare agents and radioactive materials. (This is, no doubt, for research at various Venezuelan universities.) There has been little coverage of this in Spanish newspapers and those that do, place responsibility for the sales on the Aznar government. This assignment is, however, without documentation and Mr. Aleman argues strongly why this is unlikely to be the case.

    It is clear that the situation in Venezuela will bear watching as Fidelito tries to "Castro" Venezuela out of the Third World. I do understand Mr. Chavez' zeal in his program, for it has worked so well for Cuba.

    Friday, April 08, 2005

    Washington Post Says U.N. Sucks!

    CaribPundit finds this little gem. If the United Nations can't handle a little problem like Haiti, what can they handle? Ms. CaribPundit also points to this article where we find this tidbit about the equality loving French:
    Haiti's bicentenary as an independent state, the first in Latin America and the Caribbean, was celebrated last year. But it is hardly known that independence was paid for with burdensome debt. In 1825 France using the threat of invasion of Haiti and its exclusion from international trade, exacted from Haiti the payment of (calculated in current currency) US $21 billion to compensate the French slave owners for the slaves who had been freed. It took Haiti some 120 years to repay that debt. It is such indebtedness which may account in part for the absence in Haiti of social and economic infrastructure; there are no public schools, almost non-existent health services, dreadful roads and only occasional electricity in some areas.
    This also touches on the other historical factor which may account for the current condition of Haiti - it was a French colony.

    Haiti Democracy Project

    Thursday, April 07, 2005

    A Canadian Irony

    Before the U.S. joined combat in World War 1, my ancestors fled Canada so a son could avoid the draft. That is quite different from more recent trends and I apologize to Canada for those expat exports. Anyway, the wife and daughters left by train. The father and sons left by ox-drawn wagon. The son in question was hidden in an apple barrel for the border crossing. Upon their arrival in North Dakota, they were robbed of their oxen and some possessions. This does explain my U.S. citizenship and my interest in The Blogging Tories.

    McCartney Sisters Appeal to Euro Parliament

    Slugger O'Toole brings us the report that the Sisters McCartney have carried their complaint against the IRA-Sinn Fein for the murder of their brother to the European Parliament. If that isn't futile enough for them, they could take their complaint to the United Nations. This case belongs in a Northern Ireland criminal court and Gerry Adams can deliver the murderers. May God bless the McCartney sisters.

    Not Reading Books While Burning Midnight Oil

    Tim Blair offers proof that Rock and Roll destroys brain cells with this post about former Midnight Oil lead singer and Australian Labor Party rising star, Peter Garrett. All the links are great fun, but the last one features Bjorn Lomborg kicking Mr. Garrett around the block.

    Wednesday, April 06, 2005

    New Schiavo Appeal: Stay Granted

    Image hosted by
    (Cartoon by Sean Delonas, NY Post - Hat tip CaribPundit)

    Tuesday, April 05, 2005

    Small Dead Animals Cry Out

    Kate, the finder of small dead animals and keeper of The Roadkill Diaries, gives us as listing of her past posts concerning other Canadian Liberal Party funding scandals. Why should this matter to an American reader? It matters because we are all fighting the same battle.

    Monday, April 04, 2005

    Context For Understanding The Gomery Commission

    6/7/05 Grewal has done NOTHING wrong
    6/6/05 Globe and Mail's audio "expert" is a joke

    5/24/05 The Kroll Report: Gomery on Steroids
    5/14/05 Andrew Coyne: The real Adscam mystery (Hat tip to SDA)
    Where did they get the cash? Not the money -- we know where they got that.
    5/9/05 THE LIBERAL FAMILY TREE (hat tip Conservative Life.)
    4/30/05 GPC Research has ties to the sponsorship scandal?
    4/30/05 Andrew Coyne: Mr. Dithers? We were too kind (Hat tip SDA, Kate says,"Ouch.")
    4/30/05 Keeping The Scandal In Perspective (Ms. Kate, diarist of things roadkilled)
    4/29/05 What "waiting for Gomery" really means (Hat tip Conservative Life)

    The listing of posts from Captain's Quarters is located here.


    Gomery Commission (Hat Tip small dead animals)

    Small Dead Animals Updated 6/11/05 (Blogger decided to eat most of my past posting. I will recover it as best I am able.):
    1. Ban Partially Lifted 4/7/05
    2. MSM Coverage Begins 4/7/05
    3. Brault Testimony Transcripts 4/7/05
    4. Call Your MP 4/08/05
    5. Tip Of The Iceberg 4/8/05
    6. Adscam Media Coverage: Know The Players 4/8/05
    7. Neale, And The New Northern Alliance 4/09/05
    8. The Martin Connection 4/10/05
    9. Liberal Scandal Record 4/10/05
    10. Auditing The Auditors 4/10/05
    11. The Polls Begin 4/11/05
    12. Quick Question 4/11/05
    13. Gomery: Open A Window 4/11/05
    14. Liberal "Audit" Conflict Of Interest? 4/12/05
    15. Go West Young Librano! 4/12/05
    16. Prime Minister Perjuror? 4/13/05
    17. Keeping St.Boniface In Winnipeg 4/14/05
    18. Paul Martin Knew 4/14/05
    19. St.Joseph Corporation 4/14/05
    20. Monopoly On Martin 4/16/05
    21. Keeping The Scandal In Perspective 4/30/05
    22. Chuck Guite Testimony Ban 5/1/05
    23. So, watch for the Liberal mantra to "wait for Gomery" to intensify. This is crucial to their game plan.

      If the Liberals can survive long enough for public rage to subside, and extend his government's life the full length of Gomery's mandate, he'll be in the clear - for Paul Martin is fully aware of the fact that Judge Gomery is prohibited from assigning blame under his terms of reference.

      paragraph K;

      The Commissioner be directed to perform his duties without expressing any conclusion or recommendation regarding the civil or criminal liability of any person or organization and to ensure that the conduct of the inquiry does not jeopardize any ongoing criminal investigation or criminal proceedings;
      So, with the report effectively pre-sterilized and a national media overwhelmingly in his corner, Paul Martin is virtually assured of a report he can "take to the bank" when it comes to denying civil or criminal wrongdoing on the part of the Liberal party.
    24. Paragraph K 5/1/05
    25. Where Have We Heard This Before? 5/3/05
    26. Old Habits Die Hard 5/3/05
    27. From Saskatchewan Blog To Parliament Hill 5/3/05 (Just for fun.)
    28. Guite Testimony 5/4/05
    29. Paul Martin And Adscam: Gathering Up Threads 5/4/05
    30. Get Your Popcorn 5/6/05
    31. Wajsmann And Gomery 5/9/05
    32. Corbeil Testimony 5/9/05
    33. Gagliano, Canada Lands & Canadian Tobacco Co. 5/9/05
    34. Interview With Gomery Witness Beryl Wajsmann 5/10/05
    35. Sgro "Ethics" Investigation? 5/10/05
    36. From Rogue Group To Rogue Government 5/10/05
    37. Andrew Heard: The Confidence Convention 5/10/05
    38. I Wonder What Makes Them Think That? 5/11/05
    39. Where Have We Heard This Before? 5/11/05
    40. The Power Of Blogs 5/11/05
    41. All Hell Breaking Loose 5/11/05
    42. Gomery Witness: Life Threatened 5/11/05
    43. Adscam: More On The Judgeships 5/12/05
    44. Translator Wanted 5/12/05
    45. Gomery Bomb Jokes 5/13/05
    46. Calling John Rae 5/13/05
    47. It Must Be The Hat 5/14/05
    48. Dead Parliament Walking 5/14/05 (just for fun)
    49. Stronach Splits 5/17/05
    50. Belinda Stronach: "Paris Hilton of Canadian Politics" 5/17/05
    51. Back To The Major Story Of The Day 5/17/05
    52. Paul Martin Withdraws Promise Of Election 5/18/05
    53. Belindarella 5/18/05
    54. Coyne 5/18/05
    55. Belinda's Blackberry 5/18/05
    56. Liberal Sponsorship "Trust Fund" 5/18/05
    57. Bribing MP's Is A Criminal Offence 5/18/05
    58. Gagliano Comes To Aid Of Accomplice 5/19/05
    59. Vote Roundup 5/19/05
    60. Paul Martin's Hidden Agenda 5/20/05
    61. Grewal Tape Online(?) 5/20/05
    62. I Concede 5/20/05
    63. Belindarella, Up After Midnight 5/21/05
    64. The Libranos Strike Back 5/22/05
    65. The Libranos Strike Back II 5/22/05
    66. Adscam: Follow The Money 5/23/05
    67. Gomery Roundup 5/24/05
    68. Ka-Ching! 5/24/05
    69. Anatomy Of A Sponsorship Contract 5/24/05
    70. Kroll Report: Contempt For Parliament 4/25/05
    71. What's He Going On About Today? 5/30/05
    72. Grewal, Redux 5/31/05
    73. Grewal Tape Transcripts Are Online 5/31/05
    74. Groupaction Thaw 6/1/05
    75. When Is A Deal Not A Deal? 6/2/05
    76. Brace Yourselves 6/2/05
    77. A Brief History Of Lying 6/3/05
    78. Grewal: Ethics Commissioner Inquiry 6/3/05
    79. The Belinda Tape 6/3/05
    80. Grewal Tapes: Cheema 6/4/05
    81. Things That Go *POOF* In The Night 6/4/05
    82. Joe Volpe Out? 6/5/05
    83. Trust The RCMP? 6/5/05
    84. St. Joseph's Corporation Redux 6/7/05
    85. Oxford Frozen Foods: Reinvesting For Maximum Return 6/7/05
    86. Pushing The Envelope 6/9/05
    87. Grewal Tapes Get Clean Bill of Health 6/10/05
    88. Two experts contrasted 6/10/05

    Shaken, Occasionally Stirred (updated 5/23/05)
    1. Reserve Powers of the Crown 5/8/05
    2. Jacques Hudon Rennaisance Man: Speechwriter, Lobbyist and Contracts Canada Poobah 5/8/05
    3. Chairman Martin Dispenses With Parliament 5/12/05
    4. Letter to the Governor General 5/13/05
    5. Reuters Reports Liberal Government Will Fall 5/13/05
    6. "She Will Be Responsible for Implementing Gomery Recommendations" 5/17/05
    7. "This has nothing to do with Thursday's vote" 5/18/05
    8. Need for Democratic Renewal Admitted 5/18/05
    9. CCC s. 125 5/19/05
    10. "Parliamentary precedents are clear" 5/19/05
    11. Belinda: We Have to Wait for Ethics 5/22/05
    12. The Tape That Keeps on Giving) 5/23/05

    Corruption In The Great White North

    Update 6/11/05: Item 104 is the most recent post from Captain's Quarters. Item 103 is the most recent post of evidence. Item 6 is commentary and explanation as to why Captain Ed chose not to observe the publication ban. Item 7 is a translation into French of two pieces of testimony. Item 13 verifies and expands previously posted information based on sources available after the lifting of the publication ban. Item 14, Captain Ed says "Thank You".

    Captain Ed reports on a corruption investigation now in process in Canada. His postings are as follows:
    1. Corruption Scandal Breaks Wide Open
    2. Adscam Trial May End Publication Ban
    3. Canadian Visitors Find CQ
    4. Liberals To Request Standing At Gomery Commission For Cross-Examination
    5. Adscam: Brault Testimony Continues
    6. G&M Shows Why Publication Ban Is A Farce
    7. Scandale Des Commandites
    8. Adscam Trials Delayed Until June
      "Interestingly, Gomery had given Liberals standing in the inquiry, which allows them to cross-examine witnesses such as Brault. Today he denied standing to Conservatives and BQ, stating that their parties have not been directly affected by the testimony. In a subtle way, Canadians should understand from that decision that the witnesses have testified to significant wrongdoing by Liberal politicians and bureaucrats, but have not implicated anyone else."
    9. Adscam: It's Not Just For Liberals Any More
    10. Publication Ban Decision Tomorrow
    11. American Media Catches Up To Adscam
    12. Adscam Updates And Notes
    13. Publication Ban Lifted
    14. A Big Thank You To My Friends In Canada
    15. Adscam Reaches Prime Minister's Office 4/9/05
    16. Adscam: Liberals Losing Ground -- And MPs 4/9/05
    17. Canadian Corruption Moving Beyond Adscam? 4/10/05
    18. The Race For The Money? 4/10/05
    19. Martin To Claim Liberal Purity (Of Late) 4/11/05
    20. Corruption Moves Past Gomery, Involves Martin Confidants 4/11/05
    21. CTV: Liberals Melting Down In Polling 4/11/05
    22. Check Register Corroborates Brault, Harper Won't Wait For Gomery 4/12/05
    23. 'The Man On The Ship' 4/12/05
    24. Chrétien Crony Got $6.7M In Adscam Contracts 4/13/05
    25. Jack Kelly: Adscam Could Ease Energy Woes 4/13/05
    26. Martin Runs From A New Adscam Connection 4/14/05
    27. It's The Loyalty To The Ex-Employees I Find Touching 4/14/05
    28. Do Canadians Need A Tax-Form Contribution To Political Campaigns? 4/15/05
    29. Adscam: Canadians Probably Won't Get Much Satisfaction 4/17/05
    30. Adscam Defender Has Cash Issues Of His Own 4/17/05
    31. Painfully Slow Audits At Elections Canada? Mon Dieu! 4/18/05
    32. Liberals Panic, Cancel Opposition Days 4/19/05
    33. Two Lines Of Inquiry Approaching Martin 4/19/05
    34. Adscam Middleman Netted $1.7M Without Catching A Fish 4/19/05
    35. Liberals Fail To Secure May 19th Opposition Day 4/20/05
    36. Martin To Plead Case On Television 4/20/05
    37. Boulay Made Money From All Sides 4/21/05
    38. Liberals Handed Out Judgeships For Political Favors: Witness 4/21/05
    39. Martin Offers Elections ... In December 4/21/05
    40. More Publication Bans In Gomery Inquiry 4/25/05
    41. Adscam: The Graft In The Details 4/26/05
    42. Martin Purchases NDP Votes To Retain Power 4/26/05
    43. Layton Begins Rationalizations 4/27/05
    44. No Publication Ban At CQ 4/27/05
    45. Coffin: Adscam Used Front Agencies 4/21/05
    46. Austin Bay: Will Canada Be The Next Failed State? 4/27/05
    47. Layton Suffering From Projection 4/28/05
    48. Has Harper Missed His Chance Already? 4/29/05
    49. Chrétien Plays The Gay Card In Adscam 4/30/05
    50. Tories Losing Their Nerve? 5/2/05
    51. An End To The Publication Ban? 5/2/05
    52. Harper: Tory No-Confidence Effort "Unanimous" 5/2/05
    53. A Note On The Canadian Publication Ban 5/3/05
    54. Are The Liberals Buying Their Survival? 5/3/05
    55. Guité Testimony Upcoming On CQ 5/4/05
    56. Guité: Gagliano Assured Gov't Revenue For Ad Agency 5/4/05
    57. Guité Testimony Redacted On Personal Loan (Banned Testimony) 5/4/05
    58. Liberals In Quebec: Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler 5/5/05
    59. Will Liberals Refuse To Leave? 5/6/05
    60. Does The Buck Stop At Béliveau? 5/6/05
    61. Corriveau Spread The Wealth (Off The Books, Natch) 5/7/05
    62. Beryl Wajsmann, In His Own Words 5/8/05
    63. BQ Will Demand Action If Liberals Ignore No-Confidence Motion 5/9/05
    64. Corbeil: Liberal Activists Tied To Martin Took Illegal Cash 5/9/05
    65. Beryl Wajsmann Interview At CQ 5/9/05
    66. Did Gagliano Intimidate Corbeil? 5/10/05
    67. Parliament Votes For Gov't To Resign; Grits Defiant 5/10/05
    68. Corbeil: Money Funded Covert Campaign Office 5/10/05
    69. The Liberal Catch-22 5/11/05
    70. Martin Offers Eight-Day Wait, BQ Says 'Non!' 5/11/05
    71. Ottawa Gone Wild! 5/11/05
    72. Adscam: Kickback Scheme Intentional 5/11/05
    73. A Demonstration Of Liberal Powerlessness 5/12/05
    74. Dezainde Gets Fanciful At Gomery 5/13/05
    75. Reuters: Canadian Gov't Will Fall 5/13/05
    76. One Roll Of The Dice 5/15/05
    77. Harper Goes To The Mattresses 5/17/05
    78. Belinda Sells Out 5/17/05
    79. Belinda's Betrayal Also Personal: Canadian Press 5/17/05
    80. Harper, Tories To Pass Budget, Oppose NDP Amendment 5/17/05
    81. Tory MP: Liberals Tried To Bribe Me 5/18/05
    82. Confidence Votes Come Down To The Wire 5/19/05
    83. Liberals Survive No-Confidence Effort 5/19/05
    84. Is Harper Finished? 5/20/05
    85. NDP, BQ Join In Call For RCMP Investigation 5/21/05
    86. Maybe They Should Have Chosen A Better Spokesperson 5/23/05
    87. Canadians Paying For Liberal Party PR Offensive 5/24/05
    88. Adscam Cost $355 Million: Auditors 4/25/05
    89. Adscam Reaches Paul Martin's Office (Updated -- Not Quite!) 4/26/05
    90. Morselli: Gagliano Was "The Big Boss" 4/27/05
    91. Will The Tories Come Out Fighting? 5/28/05
    92. CQ - The End Of The World As We Know It 5/29/05
    93. Confidence Votes This Week? More Or Less 5/30/05
    94. Accuracy In Media: CQ Is Journalism 5/30/05
    95. Grewal Tapes Contain Bribe Offer: CTV 5/30/05
    96. Guilty Plea In Adscam 5/31/05
    97. Grewal Transcripts Released 5/31/05
    98. Tapes Edited: Dosanjh 6/2/05
    99. Have The Grewal Tapes Been Altered? 6/2/05
    100. Liberal MP Calls For Suspension Of Murphy, Dosanjh 6/3/05
    101. Gurmant's Envelope Brings A Sudden Vacation 6/6/05
    102. Harper: Unhappy Grits Hold Fate Of Gov't 6/8/05
    103. Expert: Grewal Tapes Clean 6/10/05
    104. G&M Poll: Status Quo Ante Gomery 6/11/05
    See also: Context For Understanding Gomery (updated 6/11/05). Check this Technorati search on the Gomery Commission for the most current postings on this and related topics.

    I am sure the good Captain will have more new information forthcoming. There is, however, a group of dedicated bloggers in Canada who have been following the Gomery Commission for some time. Click on the button below to begin your exploration of The Blogging Tories.

    Update: Wretchard comments, from his club chair, on the strange situation Canadian bloggers find themselves in regarding Adscam. Captain Ed has even become a name they dare not speak. There is talk of cross-border blogging. Now that smacks of fraternization.

    Update 2: Wretchard provides insight into Canadian law regarding the publication ban and how Canadian bloggers are dealing with it. Here is a summary of the court's point of view:
    Perreault warned that even if Brault's testimony has been outed by a U.S. website, it doesn't mean it's now public information. "Anyone who takes that information and diffuses it is liable to be charged with contempt of court," Perreault said. "Anybody who reproduces it is at risk."
    The bloggers have a slightly different point of view.

    Update 3: More from Captain Ed here.

    Update 4: Conservative Life - Canadian Politics has two posts of interest, here and here.