Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The IRA In Ireland

Slugger O'Toole posts Witness intimidation on both sides of the Border:
Jim Cusack reports in the Sunday Independent on a case that bears such resemblance to the recent Short Strand Murder, including attempts to portray the victim in a negative light, that senior Gardai have labelled it "Robert McCartney Mark II". Wall of silence in probe into killing of 'an honest' man

GARDAI investigating the murder of a young man in west Dublin last month are encountering a "wall of silence" because witnesses have been intimidated by the IRA.

Nine people were arrested (emphasis added -ed.) last week in connection with the murder and none has given any evidence, leading gardai to describe the case as "Robert McCartney Mark II". All have been intimidated by the IRA and told they will be killed if they give evidence. (emphasis added - ed.)

While attempts have been made in certain newpapers to link him to a drugs feud, Gardai say that Mr Rafferty was honest and hard-working and was murdered because he had "faced down" an IRA man. He was one of eight people murdered in gun attacks this year and Gardai believe that the IRA were implicated in at least three of these deaths. The report also mentions that the IRA is seizing control of the Drugs trade in South Dublin. (emphasis added - ed.)

Lastly Mr Cusack also discusses allegations of SF connections, election workers, in one attempted murder and in respect of suspects in the Rafferty murder investigation.

Five points:
  1. Those unfamiliar with the Robert McCartney case can find information here and here.
  2. Most of the comments point out the anti-republican slant of the reporter and newspaper, and declare the report a lie. They are evidently insufficiently "republican". This lack of zeal on behalf of "the republic"also extends to the GARDAI (the police in Ireland). No doubt the spirit of Cromwell whispers in their ear the master plan to subjugate all of Ireland and, in specific, the valiant lads of the IRA. Those countering these arguments ask what specific items are untrue. To quote, To those objecting, what would you regard as satisfactory evidence of witnesses being threatened? Witness testimony? It would appear that we can count on the same cooperation from the IRA that was given in the McCartney case. Perhaps, with sufficient pressure, the IRA will offer to execute the murderers as they did in the McCartney case. (see here)
  3. The theme of IRA contol of criminal activity is a consistent one. This is a better explanation for the IRA's involvement with FARC of Columbia than revolutionary solidarity.
  4. This certainly helps to explain Southern Irish politicians campaigning against Sinn Fein in the recent elections in Northern Ireland. (see here)
  5. Finally, give some thought to the analysis of Non-State Belligerents, as developed by The Belmont Club, as a prizm for viewing the actions of the IRA. (posted originally as Bombings In Baghdad And Beatings In Belfast .)