Monday, November 14, 2005

CaribPundit Rounds Up The Commies

  1. Coming soon to countries near you
    Booker Rising points to Ethiopundit's post on the Ethiopian economy fourteen years after the ascendance of a Marxist government. If you're wondering what oil-rich Venezuela will look like after an extended period of Chavez's Castroite-communist government, wonder no more.
  2. Castro-Chavez communist paradise 3
  3. Cubanos must demonstrate fidelity to Fidel Castro even to the extent of infidelity to their marriage vows. A school teacher got a public dressing down for refusing to leave her husband, a Castro opponent, for the sake of ideological purity. "Maipú Pérez Naranjo refused to attend an October 14 meeting of teachers of the Silvio Flietas school at which director Osmayda Zacarías criticized her for consorting with a dissident, her husband, Guillermo Pérez Yera...." Another teacher who supported Maipú, "was later transferred to a remote school for three years of "rehabilitation."

    The lesson: you have no being or rights that the State does not give you, so think and do as Castro wants you to ... or else!