Monday, January 23, 2006

Red Ensign Standard #35

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Rootleweb raises Red Ensign Standard #35.
With respect to conservative bloggers, there would appear to be a growing fear that they are "pawns" of the Conservative Party. A similar fear is held regarding bloggers in the US, and unfortunately some believe that Canadian conservatives intellectually bow to their US counterparts, abandoning their reasoning for partisanship. This fear was evidenced in an extremely slanted story posted at and its subsequent parroting by the Liberal Party. Free speech, it would seem, is not a Liberal value. Everyone forgot that Elections Canada decided, at the start of the election, that political blogging would not be in violation of the Elections Act and therefore it would not be hampered or stopped in anyway. In any case, both the Liberals and the NDP have blogging communities of their own. To suggest that one group is too partisan while ignoring the others is hypocrisy at its finest.
(Hat tip to Dust My Broom.)